Saturday, January 5, 2008

an introduction of sorts...

As much as i really don't care for lengthy introductory posts on things like this, I almost feel awkward *not* putting something up. I still haven't completely sorted out a purpose for this blog, so for now I'm leaving that up in the air--whatever meaning it takes on will certainly be more legitimate than anything i could ascribe to it;;
It is more or less 4:30 now, and i have a good five hours to kill until i can rinse this henna glop out of my hair. As much as i love the color, I really don't think i could stand to spend more than eight hours every six months or so re-dying my hair this way.
I am very much a Pisces. I wouldn't say that I read too much into astrology, but the sign does seem to identify me fairly well.
I love spontaneity in everything, and I can't stand to stay in one place for too long. I don't necessarily know what I want to do from moment to moment, or what I will be doing...and I love to keep it that way;; I can be artistic, when inspired, but have to be driven to finish anything. My media of choice are crochet and food--I love to experiment with color and flavor, though I nearly never follow a pattern or recipe for very long.
I am by no means picky when it comes to food. I love to try anything and everything at least once--though I am vegan. I have yet to meet a vegetable I didn't love, and I find that very few salads are actually improved by dressing. There is a delicacy to vegetables that I find beautiful, though it certainly takes a bit of delicacy to appreciate.
I think this will suffice as an introduction;; It amazes me that I've come up with even this much to say considering the broadness of the topic.
"Introduce yourself."
Well, I am Epiphany. And this is my Blog.